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Frequently Asked Questions

BookFunnel is an ebook delivery service founded in 2015 by indie authors deep in the heart of Texas. We currently deliver over 1.4 million books every month (and growing rapidly)!

The BookFunnel App for Kindle Fires will download your book and save it to your Books library on your Kindle Fire. Install the app on your Kindle Fire and then download any BookFunnel book you receive by either tapping the "Download Book with BookFunnel App" button on any book download page, or by entering the BookFunnel Code directly into the app.

The BookFunnel App for Android devices will download your book and send it to the reading app you select. Type the BookFunnel Code into the app and then tap the button to send the book to your preferred reading app (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

The BookFunnel App allows you to download an ebook directly to your Kindle Fire or Android device. It is fast, free, and unlike just about every other app out there, has no ads or upsell. It just downloads your books. If you don't want to use our app to download your book, that is A-OK! You can download your ebook and transfer it to your reading device however you would like to.

The BookFunnel App is not available in the Amazon App Store. Because our app allows you to download books directly to your Kindle Fire, Amazon considers it a competitor to the Kindle Store and so won't allow it in their app store. We know, we've asked.

An author sent you a link to download their book, where you saw their book cover, and maybe even the book title and book description. Go back to that link and click Get My Book, then click I need the BookFunnel download code.