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BookFunnel is an ebook and audiobook service founded by (and for!) indie authors deep in the heart of Texas. We’ve delivered over 100 million books since opening our doors in 2015 and are loving every minute of it.

Open the BookFunnel App and enter a code to send ebooks to another app on your device, or open them right in our app!

Our app will delight even the most discerning reader. We know that every pixel matters, so select your perfect line spacing, margins, and font size (we'd never limit you to only three preset options!). The BookFunnel app automatically saves your bookmark so that you can easily switch between reading devices without losing your place.

Open ebooks, PDFs, and audiobooks right in the app and enjoy them without delay.

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The BookFunnel App makes it so easy to enjoy your books, PDFs, and audiobooks. It is fast, free, and unlike just about every other “free” app out there, has no ads or upsell. If our lovely app isn’t for you, just follow the steps to send your ebook to whichever reading app you prefer, or read in our awesome cloud reader! No app or 1-2-3 steps required.

The BookFunnel App lets you download and read books and audiobooks, so Amazon treats it like a competitor to the Kindle Store. Amazon doesn’t let competitors into the Amazon App Store. Never fear! You can install the app right here.

Showing is easier than telling, sometimes! We have a short help video here that will show you exactly where to find the BookFunnel App code for any book an author has sent you from BookFunnel.

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